#jobadia2014 in chicago


I can hardly believe this day has finally come – when the first of us four bebes is married. It feels like yesterday when we were still playing “house” and taking baths together in that humongous bathtub in Nadia’s house. Fast forward time, and we’re laying around on Nadia’s bed, hanging out for the last time before we went our separate ways to college. There we laid, sharing about life and our fears of going to college, and of course, giggling over boys and who between the four of us would be married first. I don’t think any of us guessed it would be Nadia – after all, she was going out to the middle of nowhere, but you can see that she surprised us all and found a gem in a desert; she found Joby and we couldn’t be happier for them. Welcome to the fam, Joby!

 May today be the beginning of a sweet marriage filled with selfless service to one another and an ever-growing love for Christ and for each other. May you journey through life’s adventures with joy, trials with perseverance, and conflicts with forgiveness. Most importantly, may you continue to be a testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness to all the people He places in your lives!

#jobadia2014 part 2 in the bay here!

Love, Serena



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