mission peak – second time around

i was crippled after making it up the first time almost 2 years ago, and was certain that it would be uglier and tougher this time around. if anything at all, i wasn’t sure if i was going to make it up at all – not knowing how well my surgerized foot was going to hold up (note: this was my first intense hike since getting lapidus bunionectomy done on my left foot a year ago).

 to my surprise, i got to the top in 1.5 hrs and finished the hike with minimal pain and soreness in the butt and thighs (nothing compared to the first time); not to mention, my surgerized foot was completely fine! thank you alice for pushing, bearing, and encouraging me – i couldn’t have asked for a better hiking partner to share this accomplishment with.

cheers, serena


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