{Lapidus Bunionectomy} One Year Later + FAQs

– FAQs –

1) Why did you choose this particular procedure – lapidus bunionectomy?

Instead of having multiple options laid out for me to choose from, my surgeon chose and explained the one option he knew would be best for my  situation. Although my surgeon explained to me that my procedure would yield a tougher and longer recovery time, he assured me that the results would be permanent and that I would be able to wear heels again.

2) How much time did you take off from work and how much time would you recommend taking off for the procedure?

Depending on your procedure and daily tasks at work, I would suggest that you do not take any less than 2 weeks – it is super important to have your leg elevated above heart level the first few weeks. I took 2 weeks off, while my surgeon highly recommended taking 3+ weeks off. Because I am usually sitting during work, I knew that I was easily going to be able to find a way to elevate my foot in my cubical; there was also no way I could mentally stay another week at home without going crazy.

3) Would you recommend taking the pins out?

If you can feel them and if they are bothering you, I would most definitely have them removed. In my case, my pins were evidently bothersome every time I wore tighter shoes or walked for longer periods of time. As I mentioned in this post, the pins weren’t completely embedded into the foot, so I felt them rubbing against my shoes. Also, having the pins removed meant more foot flexibility to wear heels comfortably again, and of course – I was all for that! On the side note: it’s been over a year and I have not been able to wear my 3-4inch heels just yet.

4) Did you do extensive PT?

Unfortunately, I didn’t. I went to at most 3 PT sessions and then had my physical therapist hand me the rest of the routines in a packet with all of the visual explanations. Truth be told, I was not disciplined in doing the exercises and routines assigned; I would recommend going to the actual PT sessions if possible so that you would have no excuses.

5) What was the worse part of recovery?

Getting around on crutches at work sucked – it made going to the restroom and anywhere else 10x more painful/slower. I will probably consider on getting one of those scooters to get around next time though.

6) When are you getting your other foot done?

No plans to have the other foot done anytime soon. 

Timeline of surgery & recovery –

Jan 16 2013 – Surgery // lapidus bunionectomy
Jan 29 2013 – Road to Recovery // from splint to cast
Feb 27 2013 – Road to Recovery // cast to walking cast
Mar 25 2013 – Road to Recovery // walking cast off (no post)
Jun 28 2013 – Surgery // surgical screw removal

Recovery wouldn’t have been the same with all of your love, care, and support! Thank you!

Cheers, Serena



  1. Hello, I wanted to know if you are still dealing with pain and swelling at this point and if you feel better off than pre surgery. I am 6 weeks post lapidus and still have to elevate my foot 24\7. Around what time were you able to go by without elevation? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jess! I remember laying down and having my foot elevated for my first 2 weeks at home. I went back to work after that and basically kept my foot elevated whenever I was able to and as much as possible – I did so for about 3-4 months. Good luck :)

  3. Miho

    Hi! I had the same surgery on my right foot. It has been over a year. I’m planning on getting the 2 screws removed from my foot for the same reason you had, plus I hate seeing the screw heads protruding from my foot. Can you tell me the recovery time and any activity restrictions you had from the screw removal surgery? Did you have to use crutches again? Thanks!

  4. Hi Miho! I was in a walking boot for 3 weeks. Crutches are unnecessary for this procedure thank goodness :)! You can refer to the post here – https://qoomui.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/surgery-out-comes-the-screws/

    Good luck!

  5. Miho

    Thanks for the quick response! Your postings on your surgery have been so much more helpful to me than anything else I have found online (or my talks with my surgeon). So another thanks for that!

  6. J. Marshall

    Wow, im only 14 and i am having my pins removed so i came to look online. And thanks to your post you made me feel less anxious.

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