Gokaku: Japanese Tapas & Sushi

1. Secret Shrimp deep fried shrimp tossed in chef’s creamy ponzu sauce

2. Takoyaki traditional japanese dumpling with octopus

3. Chirashi Sushi assorted sashimi over rice

4. Dragon shrimp tempura & crab mix topped with grilled fresh water eel, lightly roasted tuna, avocado, & spicy cream sauce

5. Aigamo Steak duck steak with mash potatoes

6. Sake Sashimi salmon sashimi

7. Carbonara Style Mentaiko & Kimchi Udon stir fried udon marinated with kimchi, cream, & cod roe

8. Chef Omakase Sashimi chef favorite sashimi combination

Gokaku: Japanese Tapas & Sushi
10789 S Blaney Ave
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 973-0722
Discovered this place awhile back and have been trying not to come here every other weekend (I crave for Japanese food pretty often). It’s definitely an alternative to Hotaru when I don’t feel like driving all the way to San Mateo for sushi rolls and sashimi. Gochi is definitely the better place for tapas, but they don’t have sushi rolls there and I can’t stand their long lines! The sashimi here at Gokaku is always fresh and I love how big the pieces are! 
Cheers, Serena

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