chew-wow | chuao chocolatier

I’ll do savory over sweets any day, but a co-worker brought in some Chuao Chocolatier bars a couple weeks back, and I’ve been thinking twice ever since! The flavors are strangely unique, while the textures are surprisingly addicting…

bars & flavors tried //

pop corn pop  milk chocolate, puffed whole grain, toasted corn chips, popping candy, sea salt
salted chocolate crunch dark chocolate, toasted breadcrumbs, sea salt
potato chip  milk chocolate, crisp kettle chips, sea salt
honeycomb  dark chocolate, amber honey
firecracker dark chocolate, popping candy, smoky chipotle, sea salt
orange a go go dark chocolate, candied orange, orange bergamot

I don’t think chocolate has ever tasted so amazing – so brilliant and deliciously unusual! Can’t wait to get my hands on more!

xoxo, Serena


One comment

  1. one of my coworkers brought in a bar of the bacon flavor for me! :D (bacon in chocolate had come up in our conversation once before) …it’s worth a try★

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