{homemade} authentic vietnamese egg rolls

Imagephoto 2 (4)

I’ve been begging my mom to make my favorite egg rolls for years now, and I can’t cant believe she finally did this past weekend (it’s been 6 or 7 years since she’s last made them)! As much as these are a hassle to make, I remember my grandma making these every time I visit her in Paris – I would easily devour 15+ rolls at a time. They were so delicious, I wouldn’t bother wasting any time trying to savor each bite!

At first look from the pictures above, you can probably tell that vietnamese egg rolls look slightly different – instead of being wrapped in egg/wheat based wrappers, these are wrapped with rice paper (ones that are used for spring rolls), giving off a crispier, chewier, and more delicate texture. What’s the hassle you may ask? First off, because rice paper is dry, you must prep them by moistening them between damp sponges. The tricky part is frying these perfectly to an even and beautiful golden brown color, and making sure they don’t blister up, explode, and burn. My mom also uses a beer and flour mix to seal the rolls before frying them, making them even crispier.

After double frying them (yes, that’s correct, we double fry these babies), they are finally ready!  I love eating my egg rolls wrapped up with fresh lettuce, mint, and cilantro and then dipped in some fish sauce. So fresh and so amazingly delicious. Ah, the perk of living at home with one of the best cooks ever!

Cheers, Serena


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  1. This looks so good I want some!

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