Hermès grows on Laurel

When it comes to Hermès, it is apparent to everyone that I am a crazy, protective, dog mom. Ever since a lady dropped my yorkie when he was just a young pup (which resulted in him limping for the remainder of his life), I became very hesitant and cautious to who I let hold my Hermès. Mind I mention that the lady who dropped my yorkie had two yorkies herself too. Accidents happen, but still…! Anyways, all I want to say is that holding a dog is like holding a baby; the dog just wants to feel secure in your arms. I am more than happy when people like my best friend, Nadia wants to hold Hermès – he absolutely loves her! She’s never had a dog, yet she holds him like a pro! Just gotta hold them with support, warmth, love, and confidence…Look how comfortable Hermès looks:

And then there’s Laurel – my other best friend who doesn’t understand the whole “dog thing,” and really has no interest in animals/pets whatsoever. I didn’t even bother to tell her when I got Hermès, since she once said she would purposely not make a trip to my house and see my puppy if I ever got one. Her reaction first meeting Hermès was, “Oh…he’s pretty cute…” and then didn’t bother to pet him until hours later, which I then had to teach her how to pet/scratch a dog. This was all so foreign to her. You could see why I dismissed every chance I got when she offered to help hold him. Then,  when I would almost let her hold him, she would freak out and say something like “Omgomg, why is he moving??…how do you hold this thing?” Below is a picture of Hermès first embrace by Laurel. I guess you can say it’s hardly an “embrace.”

I have good news though. It’s been well over three months and Hermès has finally grew on Laurel! She actually wants to pet and hold him every time she comes over now. Though, she still gets grossed out when he licks her and dislikes it when he jumps on her, she actually thinks he’s cute (she really likes his curly hair!). Doubt that she’ll be wanting a dog anytime soon, but what a change right? So happy and proud that Hermès was able to soften her heart. I was able to capture some precious moments between them two some time ago! So glad that two of my loves are able to finally get along – it’s adorable!

Laurel once asked, “Why would you ever spend so much time, energy, and money on something that can’t give anything back to you?” As corny as it sounds, Hermès is a loyal companion who warms my heart and soul, and that is enough for me.

Happy Sunday y’all!

Love, Hermès’ Mom



  1. Hermes looks really scared in that pic that Laurel is holding him.

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