{Road to Recovery} Cast Off

Had my pink sparkly cast removed last Wednesday and it basically felt like the BEST. DAY. EVER!

I had my fingers crossed this time when I went in for my checkup, not wanting to be disappointed if I wasn’t going to get the cast off. Praise the Lord, I think I would have ripped my head off if I needed to wear the cast any longer! I couldn’t wait to get the cast off and finally itch my leg to my heart’s content, but of course it wasn’t itchy anymore once I got it off…

They used a oscillating saw to remove the fiberglass cast. Instead of spinning, the saw vibrates up and down to break apart the cast. It’s a special saw that doesn’t hurt or puncture the skin but rather it tickles – so cool! I couldn’t believe that my leg was finally free…except that I now needed to deal with a shriveled up left leg that was disgustingly skinny, hairy, flaky, and discolored. It sounds a lot better than it looks…

I am currently learning how to walk and balance again with an Aircast Walking Brace – afterall, my foot has not touched the ground since my bunion surgery (over a month and half ago). Although, it looks like I’m lugging a snow boot around, I’m so happy that I can finally wear leggings and long pants again! While I am doing some mild “range-of-motion” exercises at home, physical therapy will follow in a week. This will help to prevent stiffness at the big toe joint and expedite recovery!

While my right leg is extra bulgy and muscly, you can see that my left leg look anorexic…It feels like jello – wishing y’all could feel it…not! Perhaps I can post a picture of the foot after the flakiness and scarring is gone. I can hardly wait until this is all over…

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


-Timeline of surgery & recovery –

Jan 16 2013 – Surgery // lapidus bunionectomy
Jan 29 2013 – Road to Recovery // from splint to cast
Feb 27 2013 – Road to Recovery // cast to walking cast
Mar 25 2013 – Road to Recovery // walking cast off (no post)
Jun 28 2013 – Surgery // surgical screw removal
Jan 16 2014 – Surgery // one year later + FAQs


Love, Serena



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  5. yaaaay! It’s so skiiinny!!! But at least u got it off!!!

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