{Road to Recovery} From Splint to Cast

Yay, somewhat lighter, prettier, and more breathable with the fiberglass casting tape, but still friggen’ uncomfortable as heck – I literally thought that I was going to rip apart my leg last night! I went into my first checkup yesterday (since my surgery), naively thinking & hoping that I would walk out with a free foot and that I would finally be getting some sleep at night…you could say that I was pretty bummed. They tore apart my splint and upgraded me to a sparkly pink cast (yay? not really, casts are only cool in elementary school)! I got a glimpse of my foot and it was pretty nasty, bloody, and swollen, but I saw the correction! Oh, did I mention that my left calf has significantly shrunk and that the crutches aren’t getting any easier??

1 more month and my foot may possibly be upgraded to a walking cast – depending if my bones have fused yet. Counting down the days until I’ll be pain free and can wear skinny jeans and leggings again …I’m getting a little impatient on this road to recovery and it’s only the beginning. Heading back to work next week too…Wish me luck!


-Timeline of surgery & recovery –

Jan 16 2013 – Surgery // lapidus bunionectomy
Jan 29 2013 – Road to Recovery // from splint to cast
Feb 27 2013 – Road to Recovery // cast to walking cast
Mar 25 2013 – Road to Recovery // walking cast off (no post)
Jun 28 2013 – Surgery // surgical screw removal
Jan 16 2014 – Surgery // one year later + FAQs


Hoping everyone a wonderful week!

Cheers, Serena



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