Meet my son, Hermès

Brought this little one home today!!! I’ve been looking tirelessly for a red toy poodle, and I feel soo blessed to have found the perfect one to finally call mine! As some of you may know, I had a yorkie prior,  and he had passed away due to cancer a few years back. I am so excited for this new journey with Hermès…such a bundle of joy already – minus all the pee & poo!

Why the name Hermès? There is a tradition in France that all dogs born in the same year would have a name beginning with the same letter. You may be thinking, “So, Hermès isn’t even from France.” Well, I had named my yorkie (a birthday present all the way from France) Trésor/Treasure after discovering this tradition. All dogs born in 2002 had names beginning with a “T.” Wanting to keep this tradition, I decided to go with Hermès (this year is the letter “H”); not to mention, it reminds me of the delicious macarons from Pierre Hermé in Paris! I’m a Parisian girl at heart, what can I say!

bisous, Serena



  1. i’m just going to self-invite myself to your house over winter break. just a heads up.

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