Being A Fatty and Eating Away in LA

1. Tsujita LA Artisan Ramen
O r d e r e d –  (1) Tsukemen topped with slices of roasted pork and seasoned boiled egg and (2) a salmon don!

I have been waiting to try this place for the longest time! The tonkotsu soup is simmered for 60 hours; it is no wonder the broth is so thick and full of flavor and used for dipping! I love the lime that comes with this too (we asked for additional lime later), it gives a bit of a fresh and tangy kick to the noodles and broth! The noodles were chewy, just the way I like it :) OH, and the boiled egg here is delicious…cooked to perfection with a runny yolk! Soo oooey gooey and yummy! The slices of roasted pork was a bit of disappointment…it didn’t melt in my mouth like the ones from Santouka. 

2. Brian’s Shave Ice
O r d e r e d – (1) A regular sized shaved ice with blue raspberry, POG (passion, orange, and guava), and lychee with dole whip inside!

Yummm, the shaved ice was nice after a hot and heavy lunch from Tsujita! There was seriously like a bajillion flavors to choose from here and a bajillion combos you can try making! Even though the blue raspberry was good,  I’ll probably opt out of getting something soo blue next time -Delphine and I looked like blue aliens afterwards. Super loved the dole whip because I super love pineapple! Overall it was yummy –  fluffy, light, and soft! 

3. Blockheads Shavery
O r d e r e d – (1) Green tea with mochi balls and red bean, drizzled with condensed milk (from 4 weeks ago)! (2) Black sesame with mochi balls and almond jello, drizzled with condensed milk!

While eating at Brian’s Shave Ice, we decided that we would stop by Blockhead’s Shavery before we left for The Getty. I know right? So much sweets, snow, ice, and fun! I came here early August and it was soo delicious I had to get it this time again (Delphine’s mom loves this place too)!  This dessert is called “snow cream” because it holds the consistency of fine shaved ice and smooth and creamy ice cream! What a perfect combo! I love the green tea and black sesame flavors here, topped with mochi balls/almond jello/red bean with condensed milk lightly drizzled on top!

4. Pizzeria Mozza
O r d e r e d – (1) Shrimp & melon with chile vinaigrette, (2) Chicken liver, capers, parsley & guanciale bruschetta, (3) Bone marro al forno, and (4) Pizzette: Ipswich clams, garlic, oregano, pecorino & parmigiano!

I have been this craving this place for over a year now! One of my favorite italian restaurants introduced to me by a friend in LA! I love how unique and delicious everything is made here – I have yet to try a mediocre dish from here. The ambiance is great here too! You have to make sure you make reservations or get there super early. I always, always, always get the bone marrow here…I know, my heart arteries must be all nasty and clogged up right now. Side Note: I really need to try the mussels next time…

5. Harajuku Crepe
O r d e r e d – (1) Earl grey crepe with black sesame ice cream, homemade whipped cream, and strawberries!

What a disappointing way to end the day…Harajuku Crepes have been raaavvved by many friends and on Yelp. Unfortunately, this is not what I call “crepe,” but rather “crap”…perhaps Japanese styled crepe is suppose to be like this? I excepted much, much more than this, but maybe my expectations were too high. The “earl grey” flavor wasn’t bad…but it was stiff and I wished they had used better quality ice cream. We were not pleased and satfisfied with this, we should’ve gone to Umami :<

Yuuup, all this on the Saturday we went to The Getty! We were soo close to making a trip to Umami after Harajuku Crepes too, but we had some self-control, thank goodness! When it comes to eating, I indulge in anything and everything I love! Until next time…

Xoxo, Serena


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  1. daaang fatty! all looks yums, I want to try these places too. I made a runny yoke for my sandwich by accident, and thought of you!

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