For my 2nd day with Flirt!, I got to experience what it felt like to be a model! Flirt! asked me to do a photo shoot for some up and coming “back-to-school” and “fall’ make-up looks (time to layer-up and roll in the new colors). Honestly, I wasn’t too sure of the idea, kind of embarrassed about the whole idea that I was going to be in some kind of photo shoot. Nonetheless, it was definitely an unbelievable once in a lifetime experience – I was soo pampered that day, and had the chance to see some of the most talented and wonderful people at work!

Here are some behind-the-scenes from the “Back-to-School Beauty” photo shoot:


p.s. Didn’t catch what I did for my first day with Flirt!? Click here



  1. wow serena, this is awesome! you looked amazing, def a natural-born model :) Kelly seems like such a fun and down to earth person – and so beautiful! What a fantastic experience!!

  2. I perceive a slight blush in Hubert’s face in the pic where Kelly is putting her arm around hubby – er, I mean Hubert.

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  5. I agree dictionopolis. Poor Hubert. BTW did u read the Phantom’s Toll Booth? Is that where u get your name from?

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