Lala’s Birthday

Happy Birthday my dearest Laurel! I am tremendously thankful that we were able to spend our first year back at home transitioning into a new phase of life together! Your strength and testimony has always been an encouragement to me, but through all our time together this year, it was truly evident that your love and heart for Christ manifested in all aspects of your life. Thank you for being that example to me, and thank you for your hospitality, love, and support. Despite your lack of open affection and forgetfulness (jk, not really), I am soooo thankful for a best friend and sister like you!

So happy that the four of us were able to celebrate your birthday together! Cheers to 22 years of sisterhood and many more years of sweet fellowship to come!

Love, Ser



  1. Thank you for the kind words, Serena! I’m thankful too to have you while transitioning back home and to celebrate my birthday with my besties. LOVE YOU – my best attempt at open affection haha! (Remember that time I spilled my heart out on my bed only to be interrupted by the home phone ringing? hahaha!)

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