Thursday July 18th Day one with Lauren from FLIRT! and Kelly Framel from The Glamourai

09:45 am    Pick up Serena and Hubert and depart for FLIRT! offices
10:00 am    Welcome breakfast at FLIRT! offices
11:00 am    Depart FLIRT! office with Lauren and Kelly Framel
11:30 am    Arrive at Jersey City Kohl’s for styling session
12:30 pm    Depart Kohl’s
01:00 pm    Lunch at Delicatessen in SOHO
02:30 pm    Shopping excursion with Kelly and Lauren in SOHO
05:00 pm    Serena and Hubert departs for 70 Park Ave Hotel

What a purr-fect day with Kelly and Lauren!!! This was seriously an incredible experience spending the day shopping, chatting, and eating away with one of my favorite blogger, Kelly Framel. Kelly is such a talented blogger/stylist and has been such an inspiration to me – her beauty and style is timeless (She is even more gorgeous in real life!). Lastly, THANK YOU Lauren and FLIRT! team for being such wonderful hosts and making my first trip to NY so much more memorable and special. Hubert and I were definitely spoiled and pampered by FLIRT! …Lauren was super sweet and helpful prior the trip, during the trip, and after the trip; I can’t imagine what we would have done without her! It was such a fun-filled girly day! Thanks Hubert for being such a good sport while we dished on boys, clothes, make-up, and so on…Still can’t believe the trip is over!

Thank you FLIRT!, Lauren, and Kelly for this amazing experience.

Day 2 HERE!

Love, Serena



  1. AWWW what an amazing trip! Sounds like you had a blast!
    Follow each other????

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