a boy who never grew up

a boy who never grew u p. a boy who is four years older than me, but acts like he’s 5.  a boy who frustrates and annoys the crap out of me. a boy who needs my advice on how to dress.  a boy who pisses me off too often. a boy who is scared of heights.  a boy who asks way too many questions for his own good.  a boy who whines like lebron.  a boy who is way overly protective.  a boy who loves eating and eats to his heart’s content.  a boy who loves jesus christ.  a boy who always takes initiatives and risks. a boy that is full of ridiculousness.  a boy who i go to when i have questions about school/work/relationships.  a boy who is super knowledgable in all aspects of life.  a boy who puts his family above and before all things.  a boy who is not afraid of failures.  a boy who loves and knows all sports.  a boy who spoils his siblings with good food and gifts.  a boy who loves his culture and people. a boy who constantly motivates and pushes me.  a boy who always believes in me before anyone does or when nobody does.  a boy who is full of ambitions.  a boy who inspires and challenges me. a boy who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.  i love this boy.

i don’t know what i would do without this boy.

luckily, this boy is my brother! happy birthday brian!

your lovely sister, serena



  1. that’s cuuute! happy birthday, Brian!

  2. i see two boys in those pictures

  3. jonchang

    happy birthday brian. you are a good boy.

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