I am Harmless Harvest, 100% RAW coconut water, NEVER heated and ALWAYS harmless.

**Warning** Once you go Harmless, you can’t go back. They keep it raw and real.

I grew up drinking coconut water right out of fresh coconuts, and I was so excited to see how popular and prevalent coconut water was becoming these past few years. However, my search to find a packaged coconut water brand that matched the authenticty of a real coconut, was disappointingly unsuccessful.

Thankfully, earlier this year I found Harmless Harvest from homeyeats! This is hands down the BEST coconut water out there…It’s as fresh as you can get without having to cut open a coconut yourself! Because Harmless isn’t pasteurized like all the other coconut waters (Naked, O.N.E., Zico, VitaCoco, and etc.), all the nutrients and fragrance from a real coconut are all there (ahhh, I love it)! Even though most coconut waters out there describe themselves as “100% Pure and Natural,” don’t be decieved… they have ALL been pasteurized, meaning that all the nutrients are gone. Basically, all these “100% Pure and Natual”  coconut water aren’t even healthy for you anymore; not to mention, they taste super nasty and seriously butcher the name of coconut water. More importantly, when you pasteurize something, it is also caramelizing the sugar, turning them into white sugar (soooo bad)!  Can you believe that???! You may ask “How do I know Harmless Harvest coconut water is safe then?” Well, instead of pasteurizing, they use pressure sterilization! Brilliant huh? Of course it’s a bit pricier…but it’s definitely worth it.

I can’t stress enough how amazingly delicious the coconut water from Harmless Harvest is. Also, it is full of nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, electrolytes, calcium…(it also keeps my skin and body hydrated)! There’s still so much to say about Harmless and how awesome they are…but it’s time for you to stop reading, you’ll just have to try it to see what I’m really talking about! Pick up a bottle or two (or more) from your local Whole Foods Market, they’re on sale right now!!!

I am happy to announce the lucky winners from my  “What Am I?” contest…Congratulations MUNCHALISHOUSJTRACY09, and  ALEX! I will be emailing you three soon to get addresses and a bottle of Harmless Harvest will be well on its way to you! Thank you everyone who participated! Please look out for more future contests!

Don’t forget to  like Harmless Harvest’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @HarmlessHarvest! Check out Harmless Harvest’s awesome website here too!

Thank you Harmless Harvest for being a part QOOMUI‘s first giveaway (more to come!) & thank you all who entered!

With love, Serena


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  1. can i get a bottle of qoomui? ;) love your eye makeup babeeeee<3

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