A Special Day for Some Special Mothers

This year’s Mother’s Day was special. The afternoon was spent with my bebes preparing a special dinner for some of the most important and lovely ladies in our lives – our mothers! Because we all happened to be in the Bay Area this year, we decided to celebrate and spend Mother’s Day together by  cooking for them and our families. Three years ago, our brothers actually got together and cooked for our moms; so, we decided that the girls would do it this year! It was such a blast cooking and serving with these girls (Jamie even serenaded us with worship songs in the kitchen while she cooked – she is already taken!).

Side DishesSeasoned potatoes, Sauteed Haricot Verts, & Garlic bread
DessertFresh organic fruit salad & Tiramisu cake 

The day was filled with many firsts and surprises, and I am so glad everything turned out so well! We even created our own trivia game, “How Well Do You Know These Mom?” While the questions tested how much these moms knew about each other, the questions were also devised to test the rest of us how well we knew each mom and our own moms. Even having known each other for over two decades now, let’s just say…everyone learned a lot that night! Questions included identifying favorite book/character/verse in the Bible, favorite color/animal/season/grocery store, birthdays, and so on. It was hilarious hearing everyone’s answer about each other…

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for letting us serve and show our small token of gratitude and love for you ladies!

Love, Serena



  1. Moons and Stars

    lovely thoughts

  2. Those fruits look delicious!

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  4. dictionopolis

    Nice post. The picture of you and your girlfriends will be fun to look at 40+ years later. Juxtaposition of the pictures young ladies next to mature ladies, tinted by yellow insta-glam veneer makes it feel nostalgic. What did the lazy boys do?

  5. Looks like you guys had a really good time! The dinner looks amazing!

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