a taste of summer: Kiwi Sorbetto

I’ve been wanting to try a Naia’s Bar Gelato from Whole Foods Market for awhile now and yesterday, I had my first Kiwi Sorbetto Bar Gelato by Naia made with whole fresh kiwis! It’s like a frozen kiwi on a stick…Do you see the seeds?! Refreshingly authentic and delightful to my taste buds. Seriously wishing that summer would come quicker so that I would be able to eat these without my teeth having to chatter and my body having to shiver! Bbbrrrrrrrr

Yummy, I can’t wait to try the other flavors: blue bottle coffee, pistachio, grapefruit sorbetto, & numi jasmine!

Made from locally-sourced ingredients, our Bar Gelato is crafted in small batches in the traditional Italian manner, then frozen into a bar form that’s easy and convenient to take with you, wherever you are going.

On a random side note, have you ever seen a baby kiwi inside another kiwi? I suppose it is double the j o y and scrumptiousness hehehe

Cheers, Serena


One comment

  1. ahhhh! kiwi popsicles :) soooo cute and yummy! thanks for mentioning that you follow me on twitter, serena. you’re so sweet! i’m adding you to my reading list of course :)

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