Bebes Binging in Berkeley

Spent a surprisingly beautiful day in Berkeley with some bebes. Thank you Jamie for spending the whole day with Laurel and me and being our lovely tour guide. She showed me the fun and yummy side of Berkeley I never knew about… and I’ve got to admit, I was thinking for a split second on why I didn’t choose to go to UCB! We frolicked around town eating and chitchatting the day away! Here are some pictures to sum up the day:

First Stop. Philz

o r d e r e d hot cup of tesora w/ soy milk

Second Stop. Masse’s Pastries

o r d e r e d almond amaretti cookie, raspberry/pistachio/salted caramel macarons

Third Stop. UC Berkeley

Fourth Stop. Gregoire

o r d e r e d – (1) House smoke Scottiesh salmon with caper cream & fried onions on rye (2) Sautéed scallop & bacon with truffle aroma on pantofolina (3) Grilled flank streak with asparagus salad & Parmesan on grilled ciabatta (4) Crispy potato puffs

Fifth Stop. Ici Ice Cream

o r d e r e d honey chamomile (Jamie), earl grey (Laurel), orange-toasted rice (Me)

Sixth Stop. The Marina

Last Stop. The Cheeseboard

o r d e r e d Today’s Pizza of roma Tomatoes, red onions, french feta, mozzarella cheese, capers, italian parsley, & garlic olive oil

What a wonderful day spent over fellowshipping with my bebes, eating scrumptious food, and marveling at God’s creations. Can’t wait for more adventures like these! We miss and wished that you were here with us Nadia! Stay tuned for a UC Berkeley post. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Ciao, Serena



  1. this looks so great. you girls look like you had a blast!

    btw, you might enjoy this. it’s kind of like what you did but more extreme and in ktown LA:

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this day out with two of my best friends :) I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos from our day trip!

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