to my dearest valentine

Each year Valentines Day is a sweet occasion for couples to celebrate their love and to display their warm affections for one another through the showering of gifts of flowers, chocolates, and even a romantic candle lit dinner. But for me, Valentines Day every year has always been a special day marking an end to another blessed year and a start to yet another year of God’s grace and blessings for my dearest younger brother Hubert. It is a day where I’m reminded of the joys of having such a wonderful younger brother like him…

Whether a new year marks physical growth, a step closer to manhood or independence …I hope that a new year marks an enthusiasm and yearning for spiritual maturity, a mark that would ultimately permeate into all areas of your life. Would Jesus not merely be apart of your life but the point of your life; may you remember to do all things for His glory whether in school, sports, or relationships. Continue to read your Bible, pray, have fun, and work hard in school. Continue to be patient with me, tolerate me, be open with me, spend time with me, and be sweet to me. More importantly, I pray that the Gospel would motivate you to love God more deeply and intimately than the year before. Would you be able to savor and remember His grace and goodness on this yet another special day He’s given you!

Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe” ~1 Timothy 4:12

Happy 15th Birthday My Dear Valentine & Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Love you more than you know, Serena

p.s. ladies, I know that hubert is a fine looking young man, but no dating for him …until I say he can!



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  2. i thought this was gna be about me. jk
    huberto so cuteo!
    ilove this :)

  3. Takahiro Nei


  4. Hannah Wong

    This is seriously the most adorable thing ever. You are such a blessing to him! Praying that you two will love Jesus more and more every day, and see more and more of His love for you! :) Eph 3:16 – 19! xx

  5. St

    Nice Picture
    I love it !!

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