Freshest and Cheapest Groceries EVER!

Where, where, WHERE, you may ask??? In China of course! As mentioned in my “vacationing in the sweatshops” post, I had the opportunity to spend time in the rurals at my grandpa’s hometown in Chaoyang District. During my time there, going to the groceries with my aunt in the early morning became a pleasant and regular routine. While the usual family here in the states stock up on enough groceries for the whole week, there in the rurals we would get one day’s worth of food (breakfast, lunch, & dinner). It was pretty nice being able to eat such fresh vegetables every single day. Not to mention, they were soo cheap too! Basically everything at the market would be freshly picked, fished, or killed (or not killed yet), but because I wasn’t comfortable with eating non-refrigerated meat and fish…I stuck with the vegetables! Here are some of my captures from a typical adventure to the market:

Look at how they weigh the vegetables!

Buying meat…..and intestines….

Fresh eggs! Yumm…quail eggs :)

Pickled vegetables

Lots and lots of fish…we have fish like all day, everyday.. (breakfast, lunch, AND dinner)

A variety of shellfish

Something that is totally illegal in the states…haha!

People at the market constantly asked my aunt if I was a reporter as I was snapping away with my point and shoot camera! Hahaha it makes me chuckle every now and then when I think about it :) What an experience! I will be back Chaoyang District~

Until next time!

x oxo



  1. Steven

    When you said “that is totally illegal in the states” at first I thought you were referring to the girl in the back holding that metal box hahaha, and I was thinking… wow yeah thats pretty dangerous. And then I just noticed the baby…..

  2. Your photos are ammazing, my favorite is the pickled veggies pots (or whatever) one! :D


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