Hello Kitty + Vans Collaboration

What do you get when Hello Kitty and Vans collaborate??!

A prettttty stinkin’ cute pair of Hello Kitty Vans…duh :) Can I say pure bliss?

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m finally the owner of these Hello Kitty Vans! Still can’t believe my friends surprised me with these!! I’ve been eyeing them for quite awhile now but wasn’t willing to spend so much money on something so kiddy…Also, with my mama constantly asking me when I’ll finally grow up and get over my Hello Kitty craze, I really didn’t think getting a pair of vans decked out in Hello Kitty would help either. I can still remember the look of my mama’s face when I first showed her these shoes…and now I can only imagine what she’ll be like when I actually go out with her in these haha.

Thank you Lice&Char!

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed 2012!




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