are you foodspotting yet?

AHH I’m 3 years late!!! What a pity, but as they say “Better late than never!” Although I am playing catch-up now, I definitely agree with the whole “Better late than never” expression. What is all the fuss about you ask? I’m fussing over; it’s a good fuss. is a VISUAL guide allowing FOOD LOVERS to share, seek, and drool over dishes you or someone loves! How legit is that? I was never too into the whole “yelping” idea because it isn’t solely based on people’s critique on dishes at the restaurants, but rather people critique on service and ambiance; Yelp clearly became a pretty unreliable source to me. Yes, service does matter but when I want to know if a restaurant is good or not, I want to know if the FOOD is good or not! Not the service. Also, this is perfect when you want to know which dishes have been recommended and loved at the restaurant you’re going to or wherever you may be (Paris, NY, LA, Shanghai?)! With you don’t have to go through the hassle of reading multiple reviews on whether the restaurant is good or to find out which dishes are good!

Foodspotting is 4 things:
1. “IT’S ABOUT DISHES, NOT JUST RESTAURANTS”– Find that one special dish or find something that you’ve never tried before! Better yet, find where it is that makes your favorite dish the best!
2. “IT’S VISUAL” – Look at the pictures and ratings! Because spotters are only going to be posting what dishes they actually liked and enjoy…you’ll only be discovering the best! Pictures > Words
3. “IT’S POSITIVE” – Just because the ambiance is bad doesn’t mean that the food is bad. Check out the dish and not the restaurant itself.
4. “IT’S GLOBAL” – My favorite part. Discover new and delicious food from alll over the world! People have literally posted from all over the place!

Love eating good food? Love taking pictures of what you eat? Love sharing? Love discovering new eats? Then Foodspotting is definitely for YOU!

Foodspotting is unique, user-friendly, and simply efficient! Loveeee it. Not to mention, the whole “when” and “where” you’re “spotted” makes me feel like I’m in Gossip Girl ;) woohoo.

Start Foodspotting away and follow me on foodspotting




  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing Foodspotting with your readers :) And if it makes you feel better, our company started January 2010, so you’re actually less than 2 years late!

  2. Serena, it’s so nice to see you on Foodspotting! Your shots are gorgeous! One last point to add to your list (that I think you’ll soon discover) is that the community is wonderful. Everyone is so nice, and you’ll feel like Foodspotting is like a home away from home :)

  3. drooling over your foodspotting profile, yum! especially those macaroons and napoleon pastry!

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