Organic Argan Oil Hype?

Organic Argan Oil. This oil found in the kernels native to the argan trees from Morocco is widely known for its natural properties and benefits, and has been used for culinary purposes and in cosmetic products for centuries now. Being rich in Vitamin E, it is perfect for those who love using versatile beauty products..that actually works. From using this as a regular moisturizer to using this to moisturize the driest/roughest patches of skin, Argan oil can also be used to smooth hair and nail cuticles! What a win-win product!

Being familiar with this oil from my other beauty products, I didn’t realize that they made bottles filled with JUST Argan oil! In Paris over summer, my aunt brought me to Naturalia, a store that sells solely organics foods (I didn’t know that there is organic foods for pets too!), organic beauty products, organic everything (basically like a Wholefoods). She recommended me to Melvita, a popular beauty line in France that produces 100% Organic Argan Oil! This line also carries a bunch of other organic cosmetics oils too.

I have been using Melvita’s Huile d’Argan for over a month now and I absolutely love it. I use it 2-3 times a week after getting out of the shower at night and I wake up with a glow-y and dewy skin complexion! You may ask “Doesn’t it make your face feel oily??” Nope, not at all. I have normal skin with a semi-oily T-zone that breaks out from time to time and I haven’t had any problems with it. It perfectly hydrates and replenishes my skin from all the UV exposure and premature aging. Have you noticed the Argan Oil hype? Josie Maran’s Organic Oil is one of Sephora’s best sellers right now, selling for a whooping price of $48 for 1.7oz (but check it’s for a good cause)! Good thing my Melvita’s Huile d’Argan from Naturalia was only 10€ for 1.69oz! Oh, did I mention already that it is all natural and all organic too?! Lucky me..

Step 1. 1-2 small drops on your finger tips (that’s all you really need)
Step 2. Rub the oil between your fingers to warm it up so that it spreads easier
Step 3. Dab your fingers lightly all around your face (skip that area if you have a oily T-zone)
Step 4. With the remaining oil left on your fingers you can either run your fingers through your hair, rub it into your cuticles, or rub it on any dry spots you may have

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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